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European Income
Investing Study 2018/19

Uncovering the income potential: What private investors really want

What do investors really want when it comes to investment strategies?

We decided to find out, and the results of our European Income Investing Study 2018/19 are now available.

To provide a comprehensive view, we carried out market research across eight European countries, gathering information from almost 5,000 private investors.

What did we discover?

  • The need to generate income from investment portfolios has gained in significance over the last three years, as expressed by 86% of European investors.

  • To satisfy this need, 41% of European investors are willing to take more risks, and a majority is preferring growth strategies to capital protection.

  • Only 35% of European investors have well-defined financial plans, but 70% are open to more financial advice.

Uncovering the
income potential

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Planning without a plan

Goals for investments are as varied as people’s individual aspirations. What do many people have in common? 65% of European investors don’t have a clear financial plan to help them achieve their goals1.

Open to advice

Don’t know where to start when it comes to income strategies? 70% of European investors are open to receiving more professional advice1.

Different investment horizons

One Europe, one investment horizon? This is not the case: European investors have an average investment time horizon of 6.9 years1, but there are significant variations from country to country.

1 All European respondents. Overall sample = 4,970.